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Dr Michael Smith


  • BChirSc MChiro

Michael is an enthusiastic, passionate Chiropractor dedicated to providing a patient-driven healthcare experience. He is a very passionate sports enthusiast with a keen interest in sports medicine, fitness, improving sports performance and general health. Michael has continued his passion for health education and sports with ongoing studies in the sports medicine field. He has a profound passion for helping patients understand their body and the nature of their injury/condition and incorporates this into his consultations. Using evidence-based musculoskeletal techniques, Michael provides a tailored chiropractic experience, which is both personal and professional.

Michael uses a number of treatment modalities including extensive soft tissue therapy (massage, active/passive release techniques etc), musculoskeletal dry needling, joint manipulations/mobilisations, exercise/rehabilitation programming and sports taping.

Michael is a registered member of AHPRA and Chiropractic Australia. 


Dr Kate Dowse


  • BAppSc MOst

Kate brings over 10 years experience to the treatment room and will provide a whole body approach to treating your problem. She is passionate about helping patients to gain a better understanding of how their body works. Kate enjoys working with complex and chronic pain cases along with providing treatment for headaches, back and neck pain. She is a registered osteopath with AHPRA and also a DVA and workcover provider.

Kate uses a range of techniques including soft tissue therapy, joint manipulations/ mobilisations, muscle and fascial release,  along with exercise programs. Kate is currently on maternity leave.


Dr Cassandra Crunkhorn


  • BChirSc MChiro

Cassie is an energetic, bubbly and caring Chiropractor who found her passion for human anatomy at a young age. Growing up in the Hawkesbury gave her the opportunity to follow her many passions in music and sports including athletics, soccer and softball.

Through injuries of her own and a diagnosis of Scoliosis, Cassie was introduced to the world of Osteopathy and Chiropractic. From then she fell in love with the idea of helping people with the functionality of the body and how to improve it for everyday life, sporting and fitness activities. Cassie completed her Chiropractic Studies at Macquarie University. She enjoys helping people understand the cause of their injuries and the importance of a holistic healthy lifestyle.

Cassie provides a holistic approach to treating the human body using diverse adjusting techniques, soft tissue methods, musculoskeletal dry needling and rehabilitation. Cassie is a registered Chiropractor with AHPRA and cannot wait to meet you and treat you.


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