Dr Michael Smith


Michael is an enthusiastic, passionate Chiropractor dedicated to providing a patient-driven healthcare experience. He is a very passionate sports enthusiast with a keen interest in sports medicine, fitness, improving sports performance and general health. Michael has continued his passion for health education and sports with ongoing studies in the sports medicine field. He has a profound passion for helping patients understand their bodies and the nature of their injury/condition and incorporates this into his consultations. Using evidence-based musculoskeletal techniques, Michael provides a tailored chiropractic experience, which is both personal and professional.

Michael uses a number of treatment modalities including extensive soft tissue therapy (massage, active/passive release techniques etc), musculoskeletal dry needling, joint manipulations/mobilisations, exercise/rehabilitation programming and sports taping.

Michael is a registered member of AHPRA and Chiropractic Australia.


  • BChirSc MChiro